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I thought Mathematics was all about rational thinking and computations. Well, the better part of it is on this computations. However, there are other theoretical parts such as set theory and real analysis. Being a practical student, I hated anything theoretical. However, most of my assignments were theoretical on proofs and lemmas that I was to write on. I hated college for this. Were it not for a friend of mine who referred me to okessay.co.uk, then I would have done terribly badly in my college grades. The friend told me that the site has quality writers who have Master’s degree qualifications as well as a knack for hard work and premium quality. I never looked back but tried the website.

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Sometimes back in high school, I had used a writing service and the memory of how things went down is never pleasant. My essay was delayed and when it was finally delivered it was substandard. Interestingly, the writer had demanded for an exorbitant fee from me saying that the paper was complex and that they would do everything to write excellent work. They didn’t. I thought at tok essay, I would get the awful experience once again but no, they were really helpful, did excellent work in research and wrote an original paper for me.

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Their prices were really student friendly. Since I was from a humble background and I had to foot my school fees, I feared that they would ask me to pay an arm and a leg for their service. But no, they didn’t. They charged me fairly and actually gave me a 15% discount and promised that they would lower that cost if I became a loyal customer with the company. I obliged and today as I write this okessay.co.uk review, I know how awesome they are.